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I empower parents and carers of teenagers to develop their confidence in raising the next generation, by developing the skills they need to succeed through the challenges they face.

We all know parenting is not an exact science.

There are no magic pills to take, no formulas to memorize that will produce perfect results. We are human, flawed and unique, yet awesomely, wonderfully and divinely created, with amazing potential!

I am conscious that the world is very much evolving and moving at a fast pace. This means that our younger generation are having to fit into a world that is developing quickly; and for them to be able to fit into the mould and catch up with their peers, they’ll have to move quickly too. As a parent of teenagers, I know that this can be hard for you and your teenager. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity and given a chance to reach their potential.

If I could turn some of these lives around, then I have achieved my ultimate goal. I’m passionate about the future generation; and I would like to do something to change their thinking in relation to potential future opportunities that is waiting for them. I can only reach them by my target audience, the parent or carer. As you work with me, you will begin to find yourself and understand your teenager much better, with various strategies, hints and tips to achieve your ultimate goal.

I would like to start with empowering parents directly by Life coaching. I am also available to Mentor children and young people in schools, colleges or referrals from established organisations.

My dream is to get into churches, primary schools and secondary schools, organisations that can refer parents or carers to my services. Parents can come into a one-to-one, Skype, WhatsApp Cam, Zoom or telephone session; be transformed and empowered to reach their goals. I will offer you a safe environment that is professional and confidential. I am energetic, warm, caring, empathic, kind, respectful, considerate and understanding. Some of the issues and concerns you may have regarding your teenager may have affected me too as a parent.

I am a good listener who is non-judgemental and congruent in my approach to you. I will enable you to grow and have a purpose driven life. The Modules I can offer will empower and enable you to reach your full potential with confidence. These Modules can be adjusted according to your needs; and we can discuss this further at our first consultation. I am genuinely interested in YOU and to me that is priceless!

“Goals – there’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. And there’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them” (Jim Rohn)

My Brand Pillars


“Within our dreams and aspirations we find opportunities”
Sugar Ray Leonard


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”
Walt Disney

Next Generation

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character”
Martin Luther King Jr

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I have worked with so many teenagers over the past 4 years as a volunteer within a pastoral care setting in a school. Everyone I see is a ‘blank canvas’ despite their worries and concerns. We work together to look at what’s troubling them and over a period of time, with discussions and fun exercises; they become the beautiful canvas that they were meant to me.

I get excited every time a teen takes a new step towards becoming more confident or building on their self-esteem. A student said to me – “Miss I don’t know what you have done, but you have changed me for the better and my parents see I have changed too”. That’s why I love this job!

Working with parents in a group setting with their child within primary schools has helped me to form a relationship with the parent, so that they can build on the discussions they have learnt and take home and be transformed.

My future aspiration is to work more closely with parents; because they need all the support and encouragement when it gets difficult. Trust me, I know how that feels.

Feeling stressed – Let’s talk about it ….

What is stress? Whenever I’m feeling stressed it’s usually when pressure hits, and lots of things are building up all at once. I’ve had to learn to say ‘no ’and recognise where my pressure points are.

It is said that being stressed isn’t all bad it can motivate to reach your goals. However, the types of things that can cause us to be stressed are; school, work, moving house, finances, illness, a sudden loss or Covid19. Feeling lonely and unsupported can lead to stress. It can cause us to feel anxious and irritable. If you become overloaded and stress begins to seep in, it can affect our well-being. We all deal with stress differently; and its causes vary from one person to the next.

Here are some signs of stress: Feeling overwhelmed, constantly worried, anxious or afraid, lack of sleep, eating more or less than usual, drinking or smoking more than usual Top tips to deal with stress: Talk to someone, get active – Exercise can burn off fat and nervous energy too, challenge negative thoughts, split large tasks into bitesize actions that you can handle; give yourself some praise for accomplishing them, plan ahead and organise a ‘to do list’.

Get support if you are struggling, talk to your GP, a psychological therapist or a Life Coach.


Believing in yourself…
Personally, I had to understand and accept that I needed to get rid of some of my own self-doubts; so that my confidence could be built up again. When you start to believe in yourself; you begin to understand that whatever you set your mind too is possible.
Maintaining a healthy work life balance

I am hopeful that the 8 strategies below will help you to create a healthy work-life balance so that you can maintain a healthy life-style and quality time, for yourself and your family. It helps to reduce stress and prevents burnout. It is said that chronic stress is one of the most common health issues in the workplace. Our well-being will play a fundamental part in this modern world to ensure that we take care of ourselves. We can do this by maintaining a balanced diet, exercise or a walk in the outdoors.

8 strategies I have considered are:

1. Prioritize your time
2. Create some personal time
3. Have set work hours and stick to them
4. Make exercise a must do
5. Do what you love
6. Be realistic
7. Take a break
8. Take that holiday (if you can afford to do so)

Parenting is hard – I understand …

I understand and appreciate, first hand, how difficult it can be sometimes. On a positive note it can be a joyful experience. Parenting is work in progress and we can only do the best we can.

I can support and encourage you to realize your full potential as a parent, when it gets difficult. I can providing support by being non-judgmental, reliable, trustworthy, confidential and a good listener. This passion comes from the heart it’s genuine, supportive and engaging.

As a parent of teens, I can ’step into your shoes’ and support, encourage and inspire you.

Parenting is work in progress and never stops, we just move to the next stage of their growth into adulthood.

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